Apple Working Hard to Improve Siri?

Apple's Siri Logo

That’s right, in the face of strong competition from “Google Now” (home of “Ok Google”) and Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s software developers are working hard to add features and improve Siri’s capabilities and responses. After all, with Microsoft running commercials recently where Cortana attempts to shame Siri by demonstrating all the cool things it can do that Siri cannot, there’s clearly work to be done to ensure that Siri does not become just another “also ran” in the voice controlled world.

The challenge Apple faces in keeping Siri relevant and feature rich is demonstrated in a rather worrying way by the fact that some of the original creators of Siri have left Apple and as reported by Wired, have started up their own company (Viv Labs) to build what they believe is the next generation of voice controlled personal assistant with Artificial Intelligence because they feel Siri is at the end of its capabilities:

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Secret Sunday – Mr Ethan C Banks

This week’s Secret Sunday post is a pointer to a fairly well known blogger, Ethan Banks. Yes, he’s well known for co-hosting the popular Packet Pushers podcast and he is an all round good guy, but his blog – especially of late – has been a really good read.

A few posts I’d recommend starting with include:

Ethan has a relaxed style of writing, and has the ability to cover some pretty deep ideas with deceptive ease. If you don’t already have in your RSS feed, my recommendation is to fix that immediately. :-)

Vagrant vs Docker on OSX – Tales From The Front

Vagrant Logo

Earlier this week I described how I had dipped my toe in the waters of Docker and determined in the end that while the solution was pretty neat, it smacked of being too much solution for the problem at hand.

After the post was published, Twitter user Mark Snow (@highspeedsnow) wondered whether I’d tried Vagrant. Vagrant has been on my “must get round to trying” list, so despite the fact that pretty much any solution will be “too much solution” for the specific use case I had in mind, it seems churlish not to try out another solution that I can, in time, most likely reject as pointless.

Thus, today’s post is on Vagrant. Perhaps you’ll be reading this while you’re lining up at the Apple Store hoping to get your hands on some brand new fruity goodness?

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Running Docker on OSX and Other Fun Things

Docker on OSX

I have a friend who wants to test a tool I wrote in perl (yes yes, I know) but it seemed to me that it was going to be a big pain for him to have to install all the modules necessary to support it. And so, I thought, I had the perfect solution – I’d build a container with everything in it, and get him to run that instead. Simples!

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Network Monitoring Videos from NFD8

Network Monitoring

In yesterday’s post (Network Monitoring – So Many Choices), I neglected to link to the videos from Networking Field Day 8 covering the network monitoring portions of the presentations from Gigamon, Pluribus and Big Switch. So rather than go back and edit the previous post and risk you missing them, I’ve embedded the relevant presentation videos below.

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