Running Docker on OSX and Other Fun Things

Docker on OSX

I have a friend who wants to test a tool I wrote in perl (yes yes, I know) but it seemed to me that it was going to be a big pain for him to have to install all the modules necessary to support it. And so, I thought, I had the perfect solution – I’d build a container with everything in it, and get him to run that instead. Simples!

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Network Monitoring Videos from NFD8

Network Monitoring

In yesterday’s post (Network Monitoring – So Many Choices), I neglected to link to the videos from Networking Field Day 8 covering the network monitoring portions of the presentations from Gigamon, Pluribus and Big Switch. So rather than go back and edit the previous post and risk you missing them, I’ve embedded the relevant presentation videos below.

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Network Monitoring – So Many Choices!

Network Monitoring

I’ve had network monitoring systems on my mind recently as we’ve been looking to determine the right specification for a number of fiber taps and aggregation devices so that we can fulfill the needs of both the security teams (for Intrusion Detection Systems and similar) and the network team for packet captures and troubleshooting. In reality we’d probably like to be able to have a mixture of full time monitoring (so we can pull statistics, or ‘rewind’ to a recent event and see what was happening on the network) as well as on-demand packet capture so we could troubleshoot specific problems.

As networks get bigger and faster though, the task of monitoring gets progressively more challenging as the number of devices, the number of links, and the speed of links increases.

I was interested therefore when at Networking Field Day 8 this last week we had no less than three monitoring solutions presented to us, each taking a different approach. And so, in alphabetical order, here’s what was presented.

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NFD8 Is Coming!

This one has seriously crept up on me; it’s only a week until the kickoff presentation for Networking Field Day 8 in Silicon Valley. I’m truly honored to be able to attend another Tech Field Day event, and this one looks like it will be yet another corker.
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Secret Sunday: The World of Matt Oswalt

Welcome back to Secret Sunday! This week I’m directing your attention to Keeping It Classless, the blog of Matt Oswalt (aka @mierdin).

Matt has recently published 3 of 4 planned parts of his SDN Protocols series, and if you’re interesting in SDN this is a must-read. So far Matt has looked at:

If you haven’t already seen it, check it out.