Viva España – Heading to HP Discover

HP Discover

It’s ironic to end the 30 day challenge by not posting for a short while, but what can I say? I’ve been very busy! Today I’m traveling to Barcelona to attend the HP Discover 2014 Barcelona event as a guest of HP’s Independent Blogger Programme. It looks like HP will be keeping us busy while we’re there, so I would predict quite a few posts coming out of this trip in the near future and I’m looking forwarding to hearing more about what HP is up to.

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See Schprokits Dance! Demo of Unreleased Code

Schprokits LogoMy second “Secret Sunday” post back in August introduced Schprokits, a company founded by Jeremy Schulman, previously the Director of Network Automation at Juniper.

I was truly flattered when Jeremy invited me to be part of a small team testing early Schprokits code (and trust me, I am way outclassed by the rest of the testers!), and having had a chance to try out what is probably only a small proportion of the code, I thought I would take the opportunity to share some early impressions of the software.

TLDR: I’m having fun!

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Secret Sunday – Greg Ferro

Greg FerroJust over a month ago I accepted Etherealmind’s “30 Blogs in 30 Days Challenge”, and this Friday I ‘m pleased to say that I completed the challenge without missing a day. It seems appropriate then that I should use today’s Secret Sunday to give a shout out to the man behind the mission, Greg Ferro (aka Etherealmind).

In some ways it feels like cheating to include Greg because he’s unlikely to be a new discovery for anybody reading my blog, but credit is due where it’s due; you can’t argue that Greg does not give back to the networking community. His Etherealmind website has a huge following and a wealth of content written over a number of years. He’s a co-host of the PacketPushers podcasts, generating hundreds of podcasts dedicated to the networking industry. He has written three books that he has published on LeanPub and has a fourth on the way, co-authored with the venerable Brent Salisbury.

Greg is never short of an opinion, and I suspect that one of the reasons for his large following is that he isn’t afraid to go out there and let you know what he thinks, even if “you” are a vendor, and what he thinks is that “your product sucks”. He has helped many others get their own start, and shares his experience and gives advice to help others advance their goals with a selfless attitude. I don’t want to make him sound holier than thou, but so often people who are succeeding don’t want to share the love with others; Greg on the contrary seems willing to share his platform with you, or at the very least to help you build your own platform of an equal height.

That kind of honesty and mentoring is endearing, and when you mix in his wit and his willingness to engage, you get a very powerful mix of authorship and social skills that has propelled Greg to be one of the best known networking ‘personalities’ out there. He also, occasionally, throws out an insane challenge. Right? Anyway Greg – cheers mate, for all you do for the networkers out there.

Follow Greg on Twittter as @etherealmind, at his technical blog (Etherealmind), at PacketPushers and on his personal blog at