A10, aXAPI, and Another Awesome App

A10 LogoAnother day, another issue with an automation script.

Today’s task was to grab the configuration file from an A10 Thunder load balancer. I don’t want to use the GUI, and while I could – in theory – use ssh and expect to scrape the CLI, it’s not the way I’m trying to work now, presumably because I’m a masochist.

It all went smoothly, right?

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Secret Sunday #1

Happy Sunday!

I’ve noticed – and it’s really no surprise – that I get fewer people visiting this bastion of technical omnibabble on the weekends. I get it, you’re busy and have real lives; and to that end I rarely publish posts on the weekends either. In a fit of alcohol-induced something or other, however, it struck me that this is a missed opportunity to make some special posts just for you lovely weekend visitors – a “Secret Sunday” club. Heck, maybe people want posts on the weekend, right?

Ok, so let’s give this a shot. I’ll do my best to post something on Sundays, and if you read if on the day it’s posted, please know that it was just for you, my special Sunday readers, who I value just as much as the poor suckers who only check out this site during the work week.

The trick with the Sunday posts though is that they’ll be short and sweet. Weekday readers may at this point be wishing for a week of Sundays, but they’ll be disappointed. I am well known for my inability to express an idea in less than 1000 words, and nothing will change there. Secret Sunday posts will be shorter. Promise!

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Big Switch “Big Cloud Fabric”. Big Deal?

BigSwitch Logo

Today Big Switch is formally announcing availability of their new “Big Cloud Fabric”, touted as “the industry’s first bare metal SDN data center switching fabric.” And that means what? Well, if you like the idea behind the Ethernet fabric solutions out there right now – Cisco’s ACI and FabricPath, Avaya’s Fabric Connect, and Juniper’s QFabric to name but a few – but you don’t like the idea of being tied in to a single vendor’s hardware solution, then this might be just the thing you’re looking for.

Put simply, Big Switch’s proposition is that you can buy your own ‘white box’ switches (from those detailed on the Big Switch Hardware Compatibility List), run the Switch Light OS on those switches, add the Big Cloud Fabric controllers, and violin, you have your very own Ethernet fabric!

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NETCONF, REST, XML, JSON, YAML And Other Buzzwords

Not content to merely play with NETCONF, I have taken a side step briefly to complete another little tool that relies on a REST API and JSON. I’ll come back on the NETCONF script soon, and explain how I’m using YAML for configuration files, but evidently I’m a sucker for punishment as in the last two weeks I’ve been building queries and parsing data structures in XML, YAML and JSON.

Hang in there – the acronyms aren’t nearly as bad as they seem.

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