Cisco Live 2011 Las Vegas – Retrospective

Another Cisco Live is over, and with some sadness I have packed my bags and headed for home. It’s always a bit of a let down to come home after such an intense week; this year’s Cisco Live was educational, fun, and I made some great personal connections too.

So what am I buzzed about this year? Find out after the jump.

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Cisco Live Las Vegas – Last Minute Tips

Three weeks until Cisco Live 2011 Las Vegas! You’ve bought your “CL11″ conference pass, your hotel is booked, and you’ve finalized your Session Schedule. Ready to go? Here are a few last minute tips that might help keep things moving smoothly for you at the conference. And if you can’t come, read on to find out about free access to Cisco Live Virtual!

This is a follow on to my Surviving Cisco Live 2011 post, which also has helpful tips and reminders about how things work at Cisco Live – if you haven’t read that already, especially if you’re a first-time attendee, I’d suggest you take a moment and catch up.

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Cisco Live 2011 – My Plan Of Record

The Cisco Live 2011 (Las Vegas) session scheduler opened today for NetVets; it opens to everybody else on April 26th (in case you are looking right now and perhaps can’t see it). I went in earlier to get my sessions lined up as early as possible, as I get very frustrated when I get wait-listed for a good breakout.

Meanwhile over on Twitter @Fryguy (who also has a great blog) had a great idea – a mutual stalking society facilitated by the publication of Cisco Live 2011 Las Vegas class schedules. I’m all for sharing my personal information on teh intarwebz (hah), so I figure – why not? Be gentle with me if you see me; I bruise easily and don’t carry any cash.

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