Cisco Live – Pedometer Report

As I mentioned in my previous posts on Cisco Live (Cisco Live Las Vegas – Last Minute Tips and Surviving Cisco Live 2011), one of the most important things to bring to Cisco Live is comfortable shoes! To prove a point, I promised I’d try and remember to bring my pedometer to Las Vegas and get some walking stats together for you.

Image: nuttakit /

So how far do you think I walked each day? A mile? A couple of miles? 10 miles?

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Cisco Live 2011 Las Vegas – Retrospective

Another Cisco Live is over, and with some sadness I have packed my bags and headed for home. It’s always a bit of a let down to come home after such an intense week; this year’s Cisco Live was educational, fun, and I made some great personal connections too.

So what am I buzzed about this year? Find out after the jump.

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Cisco Live Las Vegas – Last Minute Tips

Three weeks until Cisco Live 2011 Las Vegas! You’ve bought your “CL11″ conference pass, your hotel is booked, and you’ve finalized your Session Schedule. Ready to go? Here are a few last minute tips that might help keep things moving smoothly for you at the conference. And if you can’t come, read on to find out about free access to Cisco Live Virtual!

This is a follow on to my Surviving Cisco Live 2011 post, which also has helpful tips and reminders about how things work at Cisco Live – if you haven’t read that already, especially if you’re a first-time attendee, I’d suggest you take a moment and catch up.

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Surviving Cisco Live 2011

Let’s talk about Cisco Live! I figure that three posts in a row on Visio is enough for anybody (myself included), so I’m going to take a detour and look back my most recent Cisco Live! experience (2010 in Las Vegas), talk a little about the logistics of being there, share a few tips that I would have appreciated the first time I went to Cisco Live!, and dig out a few pictures of some of the events that I haven’t published before. If you haven’t been to Cisco Live! before, I hope that some of the more mundane things I share are of use to you when you prepare to come – and if you’re a Cisco geek and you possibly can, you absolutely SHOULD come!

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